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Access Control Keeps Your Building Secure While Allowing Employees To Access Their Work Areas

If you operate a large office building, you need an access control system so you can regulate traffic and keep unauthorized employees from going where they aren't allowed. There are a few access control solutions to consider, and you may need professional help choosing and installing your system. Here are a few things to know about using access control in your building.

Access Control Is Convenient For Your Employees

Some systems can be operated with a smartwatch or smartphone, so that makes things easy for your employees when they need to open a door to their work area. They might also use a biometric method of access, such as a finger touch. That's even more convenient since they don't need to carry a phone when walking around your building.

When your employees have an enabled name tag, smartphone, or other methods of access, they can move freely through your building and access areas where they have permission while not being allowed access to areas where they are restricted.

The System Can Be Custom Programmed 

You can program each employee individually if that's the right approach for your operation, but some access control solutions allow you to program according to the role an employee has in your company. Your executive group could have access to the entire building while customer service representatives might all be placed in a group that only has access to the second floor. Group permissions can be set to allow employees access to all the areas they need to do their jobs.

A more restrictive and secure type of access is based on rules. For instance, your employees may be granted access during business hours only, and after a certain time of day, their access method would no longer work. You can set any rules and permissions you need to so your building and employees are kept safe.

Readers Make The System Work

Once you know the type of access method you'll use, you need to select the right readers. Readers need to be mounted on each door that you want to remain locked. You might need a card or fingerprint reader. Some readers need to be touched while others are touchless.

Once you've chosen the readers you want and have them installed, your system will be ready to program and use. You can then eliminate the need for keys or staff to unlock doors to allow access to restricted areas. Your operations will be more efficient and your building will be more secure once you switch to an access control system.

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